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A comprehensive portal for effective management, monitoring and redressal of grievances addressed to the Hon'ble Chief Minister, West Bengal. The importance of effective monitoring and timely redressal of citizens’ grievances, addressed to the Government, is paramount to an efficient, responsive, accountable and transparent administration. It is with these objectives and ideals enshrined in the State Government's vision for a responsive and accountable administration, that this Public Grievance Monitoring System has been established. Norms are established to redress the grievances in an expeditious, fair and sympathetic manner within the defined time-frame.


(West Bengal)

Sorasori Mukhyomontri



Impacting the lives of specially abled people

Chandan Maity, East Medinipur

There never was a more battered beginning to a Bengali new year in the April of 2017 for the Maity family of Bijayramchowk village in Purba (east) Medinipur district in south of West Bengal, with a population of over 90 million, little more than that of Germany.

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Duped by a promoter, saved by the Government

Md. Rafiqul Islam,

I paid nearly Rs 16 lakh ($22000) to the builder who had an agreement with the land owners to construct the apartment building," said Mr Islam. But for over a year he was "not allowed" to take possession of his Entally flat, despite running from pillar to post trying to either recover the money or to get the possession of his two bedroom apartment.

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Helping a working mother to save her job

Shyamali manna,

The story of Shyamali Manna, a physical education teacher in south Bengal's Hooghly district, is unusually similar to the plot of an award winning Kannada film, Act-1978.

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Promoting healthy livelihood

Asit Ghosh,

For the 70 year old doctor Asit Ghosh life has largely been sailing smoothly since he did his MBBS as a student in the first batch of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in 1973. He and his friends had to travel all the way back to Kolkata in deep south Bengal from the north to do their practical and internship, as his college was lacking in facilities.

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Health coverage: once denied, ultimately ensured

Arpita Hari,

As one step in the new city - Rajarhat - on the eastern fringe of Kolkata, the main metropolis in east India, the mega buildings hit the eye. In one of these malls works Arpita Hari, a wide-eyed young woman, in a unisex parlor as the 'salon manager'.

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Roof on head, aftermath the super cyclone.

Alamin Gayen,
South 24 parganas

Alamin Gayen, 33, is a typical example of multiple Indian economic tragedies over the last half of the last decade. A receding Indian economy hit by demonetization (2016) and imposition of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2017 threw him out of his job, while outbreak of the pandemic compelled Mr Gayen to change his profession.

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Getting our people back during lock down

Swapan Dhara,
South 24 parganas

Swapan Dhara, is one of many millions of West Bengal's migrant workers in north Kerala whose life collapsed with the advent of Covid pandemic. Firstly, he lost his job as a construction worker which used to deliver about Rs 15000 ($ 200) each month and secondly, he got stuck in Kerala's Kuppam town, in the extreme south of the country.

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Justice served to poor farmers family

Sheikh Haidar Ali,
East Burdwan

Sheikh Haider Ali, a thirty-one-year-old paddy farmer from Shargram, in the district of East Bardhaman - often described as West Bengal's rice bowl - has just won a personal battle. There is a government of West Bengal programme, all land deeds should be computerized and each Block Land Record Office (BLRO) must hand over a digitally generated slip to land owners. A landowner must have only one such slip for his or her entire landholding.

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