Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Open the Software?
Ans: To open the Web Portal Home Page Click on Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozila Firefox/Opera. Type ‘’ at the address bar of Browser and press key. The home page of e-Samadhan website will appear as shown below.
2. How to Log In?
Ans: Log In is made OTP based. Enter your Mobile Number & Captcha value. Then Click on Send OTP. Next Enter the OTP sent to your Mobile Number and Click on “Verify OTP” to login to the Portal.
3. How to view Master Data Menu –Office & Sub-Offices?
Ans: User can view Various Office Types in Office Type Master Page under Master Data Menu.
4. How to create users?
Ans: Two types of Users can be created within User Type option under House Keeping Button. i) Users with Administrative Privilege ii) Users with Restricted Privilege. Users at HoD Level can be created through the following path: House Keeping> User Master> Radio Button on ‘No’ Mode> Details with User Type- ‘Restricted’ (for Sections within HoD/ Administrative b. Sub-Offices: You can create as many numbers of Sub Offices required so as to cover officers up to and including Block Level heads of your department (and not below that) by using the following path: - Master Data> Sub Office Master> Enter Sub Office Names.
5. How to act on Pending Grievances?
Ans: Act on Forwarded Grievances: i. Go to the Grievances Online button. Then the path will be as follows: Grievance Online> Act on Grievance forwarded to me/ my office> Common Pool Data > view Grievance Details> Click on Pull to my Basket. ii. After you have pulled all relevant complaints to your basket > select My Basket Data (under Act on New Grievances) to view and Act on all grievances forwarded to you. iii. Below every complaint (thus pulled to) under My Basket Data, you will have 3 Options: Forward Grievance (to forward to others/ Sub offices); Action Taken Note (to prepare note on action taken); and Print.
6. How many types of action taken note can be provided?
Ans: Two Types of ATN: i.e. 1, Conclusive ATR (upload conclusive ATR within Seven Days- when the action taken is conclusive) and 2, Action Initiated ATR (For cases requiring more time for disposal, an Action Initiated Report to be submitted within seven days, along with indicating time required for addressing the complaint/ completing action.) b. Replies on action taken (ATR) should be uploaded through this portal ONLY [i.e. within Seven Days (either Conclusive ATR or Action Initiated ATR, seeking further Time for disposal). c. Complaints are sent to HoDs of Dep’t/ DMs/ CPs/ SPs. Concerned HoDs may collect reports from sub offices through this portal but the final Action Taken Note must be sent only by the HoDs/ Nodal Officers, to the CMRO Complain Cell.
7. How to view the MIS Report Menu –Track Grievances?
Ans: User can Track any Grievance with multiple options in Track Grievance Page under MIS Menu.
8. Where to find Forwarded Grievances?
Ans: User can see Forwarded Grievances at his/her end in View Forwarded Grievance Page under MIS.
9. Where to find Closed Grievances?
Ans: To open the Web Portal Home Page Click on internet explorer. Type ‘’ at the address bar of Browser and press key. TAns: User can see Closed Grievances at his/her end in View Closed Grievance Page under MIS.
10. Where to find Incoming Grievances?
Ans: User can see Incoming Grievances for a Particular time period at his/her end in Incoming Register Page under MIS Report Menu.
11. Where to find Outgoing Grievances?
Ans: User can see Outgoing Grievances for a Particular time period at his/her end in Outgoing Register Page under MIS Report Menu.
12. How to enter multiple users?
Ans: We have created Two users for every Department/ District, i.e. The Head of the Department + One Nodal Officer. Both these Users will be getting all the Updates including SMS alert notification etc. from this end. Now, you as the original User can enter multiple Role based Users under his/her Offices/Sub-Offices in User Master Page under House Keeping Menu.
13. How to provide feedback or raise issues?
Ans: +9133 2214 0027 (for technical issues) and 9330027052/ (for administrative issues).